REACH Training Healthy Children Initiative Inc. is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit prevention educational and training group that was created in direct response to mass incarceration and the growing number of children with criminal justice involved parents, need for culturally responsive services.  



 Our mission is to build “capacity” and provide educational training opportunities to service providers and caregivers enhancing their skills to effectively respond to the needs of children impacted by parental incarceration. 

REACH Training Healthy Children Initiative Inc.(REACH THCI)  will accomplish its mission using our transformative platform: annual prevention conferences, educational training, public forums, advocacy, policy development, and theatrical cultural program performances. We are driven to:

Collectively we will identify additional ways to help interrupt and eliminate the cycle of generational incarceration one child at a time  

Build empathy for children impacted by generational incarceration

Reduce fear, bias and stigma associated with providing services to vulnerable families

 Attract additional community partners to expand, support and promote our mission




REACH Training Healthy Children Initiative Inc. envisions a society in which:

All persons, regardless of social, racial or economic background, are provided with accessible opportunities to achieve their lifegoals without the stigma and hindrance of parental incarceration.

Communities embrace, educate and empower children and families that have been negatively impacted by criminal justice involvement.

The cycle of offender recidivism is decreased because children and families are equipped with relevant skills and strategies to help them cope with the mental and social challenges associated with long and short-term incarceration.

Develop collaborative, sustaining internal and external support network to strengthen justice involved children and  families.


  • Prevention conferences
  • Educational workshops
  • Clinical supervision
  • Consulting
  • Technical support
  • Theatrical cultural programs
  • Electronic Mentoring (coming 2019) 


"It's easier to build a child than to repair a man."
– Fredrick Douglas

Help us help children
around the world.